A college counseling and success program creating a community of changemakers to empower the millions of young Nepali dreams.

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Building a Community for Our Dreamers

Nepali Dreamers Scholars Program

Nepali Dreamers Scholar Program selects a talented group of high school students who are planning to join undergraduate programs in a foreign university. The program offers resources to strengthen application to deserving schools and builds this community of educated changemakers to help uplift the lives of others — all of this at a minimal cost.

Reflection guided college Counseling

Using our comprehensive workshops to guide reflection and the college search process

SAT Prep Classes

Standardized test preparation classes and proctored test for ten weeks

Online Progress Tracker

Our incredible platform to research schools, track progress and provide individualized attention

Why does this matter?

Thousands of our Nepali youths are going abroad for better education; with an increasing number going to the US. Foreign higher education provides valuable growth, and Nepal depends on youths in international positions to drive development. However, Nepal also needs well-trained leaders to return, propel the economy, create jobs, and to serve as policy-makers, and change-agents. Nepali Dreamers is creating these leaders through our community.

Number of potential leaders enrolling in US Universities

Institute of International Education. (2018). "International Students Totals by Place of Origin, 2012/13-2017-18." Open Doors Report on International Educational Exchange. Retrieved from http://www.iie.org/opendoors

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About Us

Nepali Dreamers is a college counseling and success program that is creating a community of changemakers to empower the millions of young Nepali dreams. We believe that everyone deserves an opportunity to work towards their goals and a supportive network is essential to help them uplift others. We are working with high school students on their foreign university application to maximize their chances of getting accepted into deserving schools.

Furthermore, our reflection centered programming helps students understand themselves and the ways they are connected with other Nepalis.